above illustration by glitterrgunk

hello there! i'm maverick mayhem. i also go by eevee. i'm the host of an osdd system, elysium. i'm a music producer who specializes in happy hardcore and breakcore. i'm 18 years old, autistic, and a transgender man. i'm dating the co-host of my system, vincent 20angels. i love old technology, obscure music, minecraft youtubers, archival, and many other things.

i'm a member of astrohamster hardcore!

you can find me on twitter. feel free to add me on discord as well: mav#0001!

i've gone through many names in the past. fyre, tord, salem, etc., before I have finally settled on maverick.

usernames (current): slimepunk, elysiumsystem, skep6d, autistica6d, munchymc

usernames (past): feverdreamstudios, honeya6d, angei6d, ballooj, raynsfallin, fyrexodus.... more i don't remember >_>

gender: bigender male

pronouns: he/him

sexuality: gay (mlm)

birthday: august 21st, 2001

zodiac: leo sun, libra moon, scorpio rising

age: 18

personality type: enfp

dnd alignment: chaotic evil

resides in: florida, usa

favorite foods: ramen, chips, sour candy, chicken nuggets, french fries

favorite books: warriors series, wolves of the beyond series, ready player one, pinky & pepper forever, strong hearts are mandatory series

favorite tv shows: my little pony, (old) south park, rick & morty

favorite movies: felidae, the secret of nimh, the lion king, the lego movie 1 & 2, black panther

favorite anime: puella magi madoka magic, boku no hero academia, miss kobayashi's dragon maid, zombie land saga, tokyo mew mew, yuri!!! on ice, lucky star, blend s

favorite manga: love me for who i am, shugo chara

favorite music genres: breakcore, happy hardcore, speedcore, denpa, bubblegum bass, pop & rap (all subgenres)

favorite music artists: emma essex, gynx, 99jakes, goreshit, t+pazolite, sophie, 100 gecs, devi mccallion, black dresses, mindless self indulgence

favorite games: stepmania/ddr, osu!, animal crossing, pokemon, taiko no tatsujin, kirby, project diva

favorite youtubers: skeppy, a6d, badboyhalo, zelkam, f1nn5ter, technoblade, ibxtoycat, jacknjellify, animationepic, emperor cubone, scott the woz, censored gaming, patmac, jrose11, lockstin, thejwittz, crowne prince, dobbs, bright guardian akira, theauraguardian, pikasprey, philosphy tube, hbomberguy, the science elf, dylan tallchief, lsupersonicq, moonkitti, and waaay more.

computer: shuttle ds81d, linux mint 19, 16 gb ram, 503 gb storage (+3tb external)

music hardware: pioneer ddj-sb, akai mpk mini

daw: fl studio 20

graphic editing: gimp

illustration: medibang paint

animation: flipaclip, flipnote studio

video editing: sony vegas, kdenlive, obs

video recording/streaming: obs

phone: samsung galaxy s7

software music player: itunes or winamp/audacious

tablet: wacom intuos draw

video game consoles: nintendo switch, dsi, 3ds, ds lite



(Warning, the above page has a LOT of images and might take a while to load. I'm kind of a hoarder.)